TRAC Lab Technology Risk Compliance Lab

From our many years of experience and challenges facing our (IMF) Impossible Missions Force core COE team, in our Risk, Compliance and Governance and our Technology and Innovation Practices, a unique blend of methodologies have been created to enhance the delivery window of risk compensating controls. At the core of the program is the utilization of the risk engine tool RISK i Q  .            Looking out at sea

The “RAPID RESOLVE ™“ Rapid Compliance trademarked program methodology, has a compliance program approach which is a combination of quick delivery methodologies, intelligent software systems and a highly experienced and trained professional services staff for implementation.

Clients experience much more expedient responses to FDA, SEC, SOX deficiencies, warnings , citations and regulatory filings using the program.

Clients experience both quality control and quality assurance process enhancement with its use, as an added benefit.