Development Training Office

Training and Development is committed to achieving a culture of excellence through learning and the creation of a learning organization. Our team focuses on three areas of emphasis: training and development, organizational development and career development.

We strive to provide our employee population with a broad range of training opportunities. Training solutions are maximized through a number of partnerships and resources with qualified institution trainers and other institutions.


Training & Development Philosophy

At Pilothouse Advisors, we recognize that training programs and professional development improve individual and organizational performance because each helps the company achieve its overall goal. Furthermore, training programs not only help employees increase their effectiveness by building and refining job skills, they also greatly enhance the level of service provided by the company.

Programs offered will:

• Create a sense of community by offering consistent orientation information for new employees.
• Help employees to adjust to changing technology by offering training opportunities.
• Prepare employees for increased or new responsibilities.
• Create a quality service environment in which both internal and external customers are a priority.
• Build and refine managerial, supervisory, writing, computing and public speaking skills.
• Improve interpersonal skills through human relations training and increase productivity by improving communications.
• Enhance sensitivity by providing programs about persons with disabilities and minorities in our workforce.
• Foster good employee relations and reduce turnover by providing programs that lead to greater job satisfaction and improved promotional opportunities.
• Enhance the overall well being of employees by offering personal development programs.
• Prepare employees for retirement by offering a comprehensive retirement planning program.
• Development Opportunities

Development Opportunities

Courses are offered in the following categories:

  • Pilothouse Advisors Quality Service
  • Performance Excellence
  • Communication Excellence
  • Personal Excellence
  • The Solution Center