Talent Management Group

Talent Management Services Group members are responsible for supplying permanent recruiting, sourcing, contingent labor, and resource development and training for both internal and external skill requirements. The group accomplishes this by a vast global network of known or referred specialist covering all of Pilothouse Advisors practice areas and disciplines.

How our Talent is different

Each member of our Talent Management team is a specialist unto themselves with specific industry and discipline knowledge and vast connections in that particular space, to know and attract top talent to service Pilothouse Advisors client’s and internal requirements. The Talent Management group also staffs specialist for the development and training practices and the center of excellence and the delivery offices across the companies’ vast reaching spectrum of delivery offerings, industries, specific disciplines and Centers of Excellence.

Discipline and Experience

Many of these team members are cross-discipline trained and experienced. All members must be certified annually by our Best practices governance committee which is a certification panel consisting of each of the Pilothouse Advisors practice directors and group managing directors, and every team member must also attend Pilothouse University ® to build core knowledge areas throughout the year based on a customized curriculum.

You will find that we have Broader Select Services than other management consulting companies some of which are

Target is gaining momentium
• Management Resources
• Interim Executives
• Perm Placement
• Retained Search
• Contingent Search
• Outplacement
• Outsourcing
• Collaborative In-sourcing
• Team Augmentation
• Full Teams with Project and Program Managers
• Rapid Team Development Services
• Contract Subject Matter Specialists