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Piloting our organization to your vision.

Transform, Optimize & Execute®

Who is Pilothouse Advisors?

Pilothouse Advisors® is an independent, specialty consulting firm with trusted advisors who provide local North American businesses with a global network of subject matter advisors, covering:

We assist you in transforming, optimizing and executing your vision.

Pilothouse Advisors, We work every day with the single goal of protecting and growing our clients business. We understand what that means. That promise to our clients defines who we are.
We stand singular across our practices in our mission to protect and enhance our clients business.

We are Subject Matter Advisors.

Business today demands stronger partnerships and technology to prove its value. Technology is now ubiquitous. The first thing we do is to put the focus on value, not cost. How do you know you are getting value? Looking at risk, value and performance is how we like to be judged as a partner.

What sits at the pinnacle is the value businesses find in forging partnerships that unlock innovation and opportunity, both for their organizations and their customers. Our offerings prove our commitment to that pinnacle.


With staffing and the Big 6 consulting firms out there, why choose Pilothouse Advisors for your next challenge?

Pilothouse Advisors is in the risk business, therefore we lower your risk of bringing us in by a factor of 10. There are 10 good reasons, chosen by our clients to use us for your next engagement.

Best of the Best by Design : Our best are right up front starting with your single point of contact a dedicated, trained and certified Advisor, not some sales kid. Our Pilothouse Alphabet training program covers 26 areas of knowledge to provide our clients with intelligent value in a non-billable resource.

We are a known player : We are involved in industry groups and organizations. Not only supporting those groups, many of our Advisors are certified by global trade body’s such as the IARCP, RCGSA, IIBA, PMI, and the AQAA to mention a few. We also sponsor educational broadcasts and publications and provide Pro-Bono Board of Advisors work contributions.

IMF SWAT TEAM : To aid in support of every engagement, in each practice, our non-billable cross functional certified core resource team reside in our COEs. This Impossible Missions Force, are a group of consultants that act as an added layer of both knowledge and experience for your Advisors.

24X7 Accelerated Support Center : If the need for urgent support should arise, you don’t just have a sales persons phone number. Each client is given toll free manned support center contacts which every hour accelerate the request to a higher level of management in our organization, until resolution.

Unconditional No-risk Guarantee : You can rest assured that we never bill for non-proposed or unauthorized work, and if in the event you are not satisfied for any reason, we tear up the invoice.

We are invested in your future : Pilothouse Advisors has made considerable investments in supporting our clients successes beyond the usual expectations. An example is our TRAC Labs unit. A research and development laboratory for software and technology tools.

Best Practices assured : Not one, but SEVEN Centers of Excellence, for complete knowledge development in every practice. Couple that with our team writing the book on creating and managing COEs, we make a science of studying your unique challenges and provide solutions from across your industry and discipline.

The strength of our full organization, backing every Advisor and project : Our unique and exclusive insurance for success is our Unilateral Support Competency Protocol which provides cross practice support from our five practice areas invoked by your single point of contact Advisor.

State of the art methods : our exclusive RAPID RESOLVE     Rapid Compliance Program for quick remediation’s to FDA, SEC, and SOX warnings, deficiencies, or citations.

We Innovate : Our RISK i Q toolset, Pilothouse Advisors exclusive , patent pending, award winning Risk Based Inspection System tool was developed to provide risk analysis and prevention recommendations and monitoring to leverage innovation for our clients.

Contact us for your next challenge, we have taken the risk out….



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