Life Sciences Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing functions in pharmaceutical and medical device companies face unique pressures. It is a tall order for Life Sciences companies to consistently deliver the right combination of products, at the right time, at the right cost especially when a changing marketplace leaves little or no room for inefficiency.
Pilothouse Advisors Life Sciences Product & Supply Operations services can help clients meet the goal of delivering quality products to their customers within business constraints. We focus on rapid business results and value creation: the typical return on investment (ROI) for our clients ranges between 10 and 15 times our fees.

Specifically, we provide advisory and implementation support for:
• Operations planning redesign
• Cold chain logistics
• Inventory rationalization and complexity reduction
• Secure value chain and serialization scenario development
• Quality audit and organization redesign.
• Quality , internal financial pressures, the need for ultimate quality, and increasingly complex and demanding regulatory requirements all present impediments to getting products to market.
• Validation, in addition, the need for extensive validation slows the ability to adopt new process-related technologies commonplace in other industries.
• Regulatory, Add to this the growing demand for customization and personalization of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
• Supply chain, faced with unpredictable demand, a globally-dependent and driven life sciences supply chain, and a highly regulated process, we help manufacturers improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.
• Personnel, using our Collaborative Insourcing Methodology Model, we work closely with our clients to drive operational and technology solutions that enable efficiency and collaboration.
• Technology Solutions, we bring proven and scalable technology solutions and services for managing the entire process:

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
• This technology combines Siemens’ best-selling Teamcenter® software with Pilothouse Advisors Project Management Office’s renowned systems integration capabilities, to enable a streamlined process from initial submission to shipment of patient-matched implants or devices.

Business Analytics and Big Data for Track and Trace Services
• Our collaborative approach with your company teams form an orchestrated program approach which involves important internal stakeholder groups including manufacturing, packaging, and supply chain, and information technology as well as external groups like third-party transportation and logistics providers and downstream trading partners.

We would welcome an opportunity to discuss how the cadre of experience, skills, and tools we bring to the table can best serve your needs.

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