Group out on sea

Pilothouse Advisors

Just our company name tells you two things:

Firstly: We are a team of specialists, similar to the riverboat captains in the 1800’s, where each specialist knows a certain section of the river like the back of their hand. At the helm, high on the ship’s decks, those riverboat captains took turns guiding the boat through the treacherous, ever-changing waters.
Pilothouse Advisors boatOur team of specialists at Pilothouse Advisors operate similarly for our clients.

Secondly: The Advisors portion of our company name describes who we are as a business. We are advisors to business professionals. Our team of business advisors understand our clients’ unique business needs and, with the help of Subject Matter Advisors provide solutions for a wide variety of business industries, including:

  • Finance & accounting
  • Taxes & audits
  • Risk compliance & governance
  • Information technology
  • Strategy & management
  • Project & program
  • Human resources
  • Sales & marketing

We help transform, optimize, and execute your vision and goals by providing a balanced amalgamation between the Big Six and independent consultants. Let us explain how. Speak to an advisor today.

Organized in six Operating Groups serving Ten industries

  • Management Resources and Outsourcing
  • Project Management, Program Management Practice
  • Strategy and Change Management Practice
  • Collaborative Insourcing and Flexible Contract Advisors
  • Talent Advisory Services, Resource Development
  • Business Solutions and Business Process Management Practice

Values which form Our Culture and Drive our Actions

  • Integrity Pledge: honest and fair in all circumstances. We deliver what we promise.
  • Excellence To Exceed Expectations: we provide superior service, unsurpassed quality, and value urgency.
  • Respect and Communication: encourage and respect diversity, care and compassion for all individuals, inherent trust and belief in people
  • Innovation: promote creative and continuous improvement;
    possess courage to embrace change
  • Fun: irresistible place to work; easy to do business with
  • Results Driven: our success is ultimately measured by the impact we deliver to our customers.
  • Pride: incomparable service; unexpected acts of kindness; promises made, promises kept
  • Pilothouse Advisors is an independent specialty consulting firm with trusted advisors that engage a global network of subject matter advisors.
  • We blend the best of the independent consults and The Big 6.