SME Showcase

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Have you ever wondered where to find the best business information in Atlanta? Does it seem like the only like-minded executive programs are directed toward IT or Sales personnel? The SME Showcase in Atlanta strives to bring business-minded executives and highly-experienced workplace personnel into one place to discuss and teach about their chosen line of work.

What is the SME Showcase?

The SME Showcase in Atlanta highlights business topics that are typically discussed with three Subject Matter Experts – SMEs – who are interviewed by our host during a radio broadcast. The radio show airs to over 5,000 business executives in the Atlanta area via the Internet, and is a available in podcast format, allowing executives to listen at their desks or during their afternoon commute.

Our team coaches speakers through the entire process to make it a seamless, easy experience. We handle the radio scripting, editing and preparation once our speakers have chosen their subject matter. The SME speakers featured on our shows are paired to venues, lines of business, industry, technologies and relevant topics, ensuring the continuity of the conversation and interviews featured during the SME Showcase.

Following the recording of the SME Showcase radio show, the SME speakers receive publicity photos and a wall plaque for their contribution to the show. Our speakers are also entered into our SME Awards and receive a commercial for their group or Association.

Participate in the SME Showcase

Participating in the SME Showcase is just as easy as appearing on our show, though there are many other ways of participating in addition to being a speaker, including:

  • Referring another speaker
  • Judging the final award winners for the SME awards
  • Appearing in a special program
  • Contributing a white paper, book review or article for an honorable mention on the show
  • Contact us and we’ll email topics and schedules that interest you and your referrals

We created the SME Showcase to make thought leaders visible. Learn valuable industry-related information and discuss business topics with our Subject Matter Experts on the SME Showcase. Explore our past shows in order to more easily understand what Atlanta’s SME Showcase is all about.


Reo on Radio X

From REO, the SME Showcase’s creator:

“The way I see it, we all have a dream about ourselves: we can be more than what we are, and the SME Showcase helps you realize that dream in the Hosted Radio Show tradition.”